Create Another Earth by Satellite Data & Blockchain

EXA is the project that utilizes satellite data and blockchain then creates another "earth" in virtual space.


Crypto Earth Project

  • Utilization of satellite data and blockchain

    Record data of geographic coordinates that can be acquired from artificial satellite in blockchain and also create 1 "Earth" in virtual space. Use surface data of satellite image there and create a virtual economic community with the inverse correlation with real world.
  • Mining interlocked with position

    Participants of virtual earth can dig token that is interlocked with position information just like oil and natural resources of real earth. It is designed that it is difficult to dig token in the region with high economic development and it is easy to dig token in the region with low economic development.
  • Reserves of token to geographic coordinates

    Participants of virtual earth can dig token, at the same time, the person who owns token can cover self token in specified geographic coordinates of earth. In the buried region, the Excavation probability and output rise in proportion to token reserves.
  • Decentralized autonomous community

    Crypto earth is designed as the decentralized autonomous community that anyone can participate in virtual earth, become "citizen" without particular operation company through the network of fellow participants.

"Inverse" virtual economy with real economy

By analyzing surface data including light of city in the night acquired from satellite,introduce algorithm that understand level of economic development of earth earlier than statistical information, it is difficult to acquire token in the developed region and it is easy to acquire token in the developing region.
Real and virtual earths connected by coordinate data always promote distribution of wealth by inverse correlation relationship economically and virtual earth aims at the function as the safety net of real world.


The creation of a new society

EXA is not the extension of framework of modern society of democracy & capitalism and is the social experiment that creates new social system in the near future from scratch. This world is always in the eternal developing status that is overwritten by that er due to people and modern framework is just the product of imagination of people in the past. Similarly, we believe that we can pick out what kind of world, what kind of future expected and realized by us live currently freely.

Real earth
Social structure
Democracy & capitalism
Centralized structure
Top priority
Law stipulated by congress (Legalism)
Enforcement method
Entrust them to administration
Subject of practical business
Congressional representatives・government
Crypto earth
Social structure
Decentralized structure
Top priority
Data and algorithm (Technology-driven)
Enforcement method
Smart contract
Subject of practical business
Users (Participants)

Participate in development community

By all means, for person who are interested in the concept of EXA, please try to look at it because be sure to recruit members of development through our community.

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